Jiselle Crawford - Illustration and Design

Home of the work of Jiselle Crawford: Illustrator, Designer, and Summoner of Magical Creatures

Out in the woods looking for imaginary wildthings to take home with me.

Out in the woods looking for imaginary wildthings to take home with me.

Jiselle Crawford

When I was a child I knew what I wanted to do as a career, and that was to be a wizard (followed closely by my second choice of being a mermaid). When I realized these weren’t viable career options I was forced to look into other possible paths for me to follow. When a local artist came to my library and did a demonstration, he was able to create something from nothing on the page, like magic. It was then that I knew, if I couldn’t be a wizard then being an artist was the next best thing.

Today I find inspiration in the magic and fantasy that led me to art as a child. I find imagining and designing adorable monsters and fantasy creatures bring about my greatest enjoyment in my artistic endeavors. Walking the line between cute and creepy, I am drawn to design work that brings with it a sense of fairytale and enchantment, and whose designs tell a story of a wider world of magic that lingers upon the edges of our own.

I came to Portland, Oregon to attend the Pacific Northwest College of Art and graduated with a BA in Fine Art in December 2013. In my free time, that I don't use for making art, I love to sing and dance. I also attend various comic and pop culture conventions along the west coast and occasionally make costumes and props to wear to these conventions.